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Warranty period starts from the date the case is delivered. 


Metal Restorations, Zirconia

IPS e.max® - Anterior

IPS e.max® - Posterior

Temporary Restorations (PMMA)

Custom Implant Abutments


5 years

3 years

2 years

6 months


Terms & Conditions

At BIOCAD DENTAL LABORATORIES we are proud of the quality of our products. Our first concern is our customer satisfaction.

Our products are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship. If the case is unsatisfactory, simply return it and we will adjust, repair, or remake the case free of charge. In order to receive this warranty, the doctor must provide us with accurate impressions, models, records, implant parts, and attachments. 

**Old dental prosthesis must be returned with model work in order for the warranty to be applied.

This warranty does not apply to:

(a) damage caused by non-lab related problems such as accident, abuse, misuse, poor-quality impression, improper preparation, unclear instruction, lack of supportive tooth or tissue structure, improper dental hygiene, etc.

(b) changes to the original prescription such as design, material, or shade

(c) costs associated with lost chair time, lost wages, bills from another dental lab, etc.

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